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Easy communication

Effective communication in either English or German is essential. We prioritize clarity, focus, and efficiency in all our interactions.

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You can avail our services no matter where you are. We operate entirely remotely for clients nationwide in Germany. This saves you both time and money.

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You'll receive personalized assistance from a certified tax advisor available in person, via phone or zoom.

We specialize in providing tax declarations services tailored specifically for expatriates living in Germany

Our goal is to simplify the tax declaration process and ensure accuracy and compliance with German tax laws. We provide tax declaration services for all kinds of expats like:

for individuals

for foreign employees

for students

for freelancers

for start-ups

for foreign companies

Our comprehensive tax declaration service include:

Unfortunately, we cannot exempt you from the obligation to file tax returns and pay taxes. But we can help you to optimise your income tax declaration. We can also relieve you of the complicated communication with the internal revenue (Finanzamt) by answering document requests or objecting to your tax assessment.

Our declaration services in detail:

  • Preparation of income tax declarations
  • Examination of tax assessments
  • Checking and adjusting your tax prepayments
  • File objections and request changes

With our expertise and personalized approach, we make the tax declaration process hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your life in Germany.

Tax declaration for expats

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Reviews about our tax declaration services

Expats throughout Germany are happy to work with us. Read our reviews:


“Impressed with the speed of response and detailed feedback. I had several questions after consulting with Steuerberatung Wiener, and everything was clarified.”



“I was very satisfied, because they were available to treat my case very quickly and did it well. On top, they advised me in English. I live abroad now, so for me it was very useful to have a tax advisor in Germany.”



I am very satisfied with the service I received. All my questions were promptly answered and the process was very easy.



5,0 Stars – 27 Reviews on Google & ProvenExpert

Chartered tax advisor office Wiener

About us

We advise private individuals, freelancers (expats) as well as small and medium-sized foreign companies in Germany

Being a privately owned and operated firm, we specialize in addressing the tax needs of both individuals, particularly expatriates, and businesses of varying legal structures.

Our Expertise

We excel in assisting English-speaking clients, leveraging digital tools to extend our services not only within Hamburg but across Germany as well. Planning to relocate abroad soon but need to handle your tax filings beforehand? Fret not – we offer seamless digital processing for your tax declarations.

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Preparation of income tax declarations

Everything you should know

Preparation of income tax declarations refers to the process of gathering relevant financial information and completing the necessary forms to report taxable income to tax authorities. This service involves compiling details of an individual’s or entity’s income, expenses, deductions, credits, and other relevant financial information for a specific tax period.

Key aspects of preparing income tax declarations include

Gathering Financial Information:

Collecting documents such as bank statements, investment statements, receipts for deductible expenses, and any other documents relevant to the taxpayer’s income and expenses.

Calculating Taxable Income:

Determining the taxpayer’s total income for the tax year, including wages, salaries, self-employment income, interest, dividends, rental income, capital gains, and any other sources of income. Subtracting allowable deductions and credits to arrive at the taxable income.

Completing Tax Forms:

Filling out the appropriate tax forms and providing accurate information about income, deductions, credits, and other relevant details.

Claiming Deductions and Credits:

Identifying and claiming all eligible deductions, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions, and medical expenses, as well as tax credits, which can reduce the taxpayer’s overall tax liability.

Ensuring Compliance:

Ensuring that the income tax declarations comply with all applicable tax laws, regulations, and reporting requirements set forth by the tax authorities. This includes meeting filing deadlines, providing supporting documentation when required, and accurately reporting income and expenses.

Review and Accuracy:

Reviewing the completed tax declarations for accuracy and completeness, checking for any errors or omissions, and making corrections as necessary before submitting them to the tax authorities.
Overall, the preparation of income tax declarations is a crucial aspect of fulfilling one’s tax obligations and ensuring compliance with tax laws. It requires attention to detail, knowledge of tax rules and regulations, and the ability to accurately report financial information to the tax authorities.

Tax declaration in Germany: Costs & Fees

We calculate our prices according to the guidelines of the German Tax Consultant Fee Ordinance (StBVV)

Our pricing structure for tax preparation services follows the guidelines set forth in the German Tax Advisor Fee Ordinance (StBVV), ensuring fairness and appropriateness. These regulations establish a framework to guarantee reasonable fees. Thanks to the StBVV, pricing for tax consultants across Germany remains regulated with minimal variation.

As part of your complimentary initial consultation, we’ll furnish you with a personalized proposal and an estimate of costs.

Tax Advisor costs and fees in Germany

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